Memories of Melody Top: Remembering Milwaukee’s Summer Stock Theatre

On August 16, 2016, Google removed their free online archive of all Milwaukee newspapers. Google's response to inquiries is as follows: "Google News Archive no longer has permission to display this content." The response from a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel employee is even more direct: "We have contracted with a new vendor (Newsbank). It is unclear when or if the public will have access to the full inventory that was formerly available on Google News Archive." All links to that archive have been removed from this website. Old newspaper articles will continue to be referenced on "Memories of Melody Top," unless representatives from the Journal Sentinel or Gannett prohibit that in the future. Check back here often over the next few months for brand-new ideas on this page!

Gigi at Melody Top

A color image from GIGI (1974). Courtesy of Jo Jean Retrum.

Finian's Rainbow at Melody Top

The vivid setting for FINIAN'S RAINBOW (1974). Courtesy of Jo Jean Retrum.

Once Upon a Mattress at Melody Top

The colorful court of ONCE UPON A MATTRESS (1974). Courtesy of Jo Jean Retrum.

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